Jaison Saji Chacko

ML Engineer, Serial Hacker, Geek, മലയാളി.

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Hi! I'm Jaison Saji Chacko, an ML Engineer from India. I work mostly on deep learning and computer vision applications. Tinkering with Raspberry Pi, opensource ML projects or attending hackathons when not working.

Open Source Projects


Dance generator using Autoencoder, LSTM and Mixture Density Network. (Keras). Github


A self-driving (toy) car built using Raspberry Pi, Keras and Floyhub GPUs. (In progress) Blog series


A self driving AI trained to play superTuxCart (a linux variant of Super Mario Kart). Github

My Research work

Semantic image annotation using convolutional neural network.Paper

Hackathon Highlights

'India stack on Azure' Hackathon by Microsoft and Accenture. 'Power of Connected' Hackathon by Honeywell. PowerUp Automation Hackathon by UiPath